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OMG, you guys are all so incredibly cool. I really love all your tatts and wish I had more time to comment on them. The work on most of them is extraordinary.

I have just one, which has a very special meaning for me. Here are a couple of shots

And Ladyhawke...I noticed your toco toucan avatar. I'm guessing you like birds as well as snakes. I have a lovely Amazon parrot and a Senegal parrot.
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1.1 Arizona mountain kingsnakes (Chris Baubel and Gerold Merker)
1.1 Louisiana milksnakes (John Yurkovich)
1.2 Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.1 albino Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.0 hypo crimson corn (Kathy Love)
0.1 hypo corn / het for ghost (Kathy Love)
1.0 double-yellowheaded Amazon parrot
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