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Do Any of Your Snakes' Markings Look Like Words or Letters?

I remember a post I saw here awhile back that linked to some guy who thought his albino Burmese python was worth tens of thousands of dollars because its markings spelled words. Of course, he might have claimed that just to get laughs.

My Arizona Mt. King has markings that do resemble letters. There's a definite "Y", a "U" or two and a couple of markings that resemble an "A" or and "H."

Do your snakes have markings that resemble letters, words...Mickey Mouse? Maybe someone will have the first corn snake ever to reside at DisneyLand.

I'll try to get some pictures of my kingsnake's "letters." They are neat-looking, but IYU isn't a word, is it? I guess she isn't worth $40,000.

OK, here she is:

With a little imagination, you can see a "U" toward the tail end, the word "HI" at mid-body, then the letter "U" followed by an upside-down "Y" she worth $40,000?
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