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Thanks for the explanation Invictus, I very much understand your cautiousness now! I had never heard of allergies classified into grades before, makes sense. Also, I agree with you that if you are allergic to so many insects, it is best not to take a chance hanglind a tarantula.

On the other hand, I first got into tarantulas strickly as display pets. After owning them for two years now, I just handled my first tarantula this evening!

I would hope that the idea of having one in the house will grow on you. Even if you never handle the tarantula, I am sure you will appreciate it as much. I did Just let your hun do the maintenance for the T (which is minimal) and you will always stay safe. Even in the worst possible scenario of an escape, the T will just hide out. It surely wont hunt you hehe

sapphire_moon: I got some leos since about a year now and none have eaten a cricket. They have a varied diet of worms (mealworms, silkworms, butterworms, waxworms) and the occasional pinky mouse. Even though I have gotten a lot better with crickets, I only feed them to the pets that really require them like my T's!

I am also very proud to say that I've fed 3 crickets to my T's so far all by myself! It's getting easier every time, phew!!! Now my heart only pounds for 5-10 minutes after instead of a half hour!!!

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