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Hello everyone, my name is Johnny, and I am the person that is being discussed here. When I first placed the ad I didn't think that I would get so many responses and orders placed so I didn't have a big stockpile of feeders. Since Adam wants 3 week and 5 week old feeders, I have to wait for them to grow. As far as my modem going down and the long delay, I can only blame myself for that. I had to order one from Future Shop since I run XP, and it was back ordered. By the way, my phone number is posted on my ad, and I am the one who contacted Adam by phone when I recieved his money order. I didn't even know that he had sent it until I recieved it. Anyways, I'm not a crook, and I didn't scam anyone, I just f*****d up a little. I hope that everyone here can forgive me for my obvious dumbassesdness!!! LOL See ya, Johnny.
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