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As the rays of the life-giving Sun, your Dragon color is...

Your Inner Dragon is the most interesting of all. Yellows are the fourth rarest dragon of all (after Gold, Platinum and Chromatic dragons). They spend the vast majority of their time soaring high above the ground, often for no particular reason. They love to be in the air, and are thus typified as the Air Elemental dragon. Your Inner Dragon spends most of his/her time on the Plains or steppe highlands when not mingled with the air currents. All of the Elemental dragons are technically aligned "Chaotic Evil" but a Yellow is about as close as they come to being either Neutral or "Lawful Evil." So if you feel like a bit of a do-gooder sometimes, it's perfectly normal.

You like to spend time in silent, aerial meditation and would only really attack someone if provoked. Your favorable attributes are the sunrise, Spring, incense, clouds, and any kind of helpful air mass or current. When it's needed, your breath weapon is pure bolts of Lightning. How's that for a neat piece of carry-on luggage? See you amongst the clouds!
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