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Originally posted by Pixie
Nicola: I really lucked out on the price of the tat. My tattoo artist grossly underestimated the time it would take to complete. He thought it would only take 7 or 8 hours and quoted me 500$. It ended up taking over 15 hours to complete and he didn't change the price

You are seriously lucky. That almost makes me sick to my stomach
:medpuke: I have to pay $100 an hour. That would have cost me $1500 dollars. Damn that's a deal!

All my tats are celtic and traditional emblems. I have a T from the Book of Kells on my shoulder with a county spiral underneath and an arm band of King Solomans knot. On my other shoulder I have a interpritation of a dragon drawn by Courtney Davis in her book on King Arther. The tounge comes out of the mouth and forms a series of knot work. TB
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