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Car Audio Advice

Well eveyone has seen my current truck/audiobahn set up I think...Anyways I went to a new shop over in a nearby city...the guy in the shop said that he needed a vehicle to take to shows and such. SO I said I'd take him to shows...and we could use my truck on his be-half.

So he was showing me some stuff in the back and I caught a glimpse of 2 SoloXs....Ive never seen one but OMFG...these subs are to die for....Anyway he said that I could get a full DVD set up...9 TVs...and TWO of these monsters....Im not sure of the wattage these take but Ive read 5000 with a 10000watt peak...Im not a total audio guy but damn...Anyway Id get a FULL custom fiberglass/plexi install paint in any design I well as neons installed throughout the encloseur...HOW COULD THESE SUBS BE POWERED BTW????

All this would cost me...nothing...notta dime...But here is the catch

I have to go to EVERY show he wants me at within South Carolina, North Carolina, and doesn't matter if I have or miss school or not...I HAVE TO BE THERE

Should I agree to it?
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