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Well, after the death of the little cornsnake I felt really sad and such. I started flipping through my college booklet and found what I needed to. I have decided to take an extra year or two at College, for what? Veterinary Assistance.

I found two Colleges that had it. I chose Northern College in the Timmins and Haileybury area. Three hours north of me. This means I'm going to utterly DIE in the winter. But it'll be worth it. So after two years of Small Business Management at Canadore, I'm going to go to Northern and take a year of Veterinary.

It looks like a really good program. It has some very intriguing classes offered. And an extra year at college won't put me TOO MUCH in debt. Some of the courses that I like are "Animal Structure and Function", "Grooming", "Large Animal Studies", "Animal Handling and Behaviour", and "Feeds and Feeding of Companion Animals".

I'm going to have to contact them. I have all the courses required. Grade 12 Math, Biology and Math. I got a great mark in my Advanced Math, so I'm hoping they'll like that. Plus I'll have the two years of College under my belt and they said they prefer experience. Well, I've had two jobs in the animal industry. I might volunteer at the Humane Society aswell. But generally I think I'm good for the admission requirements.

So this has made me feel a bit better. Take one extra year of College and I'll be able to have the knowledge to save more of my animals. Plus, what with openning my own pet store and such. That knowledge would be good. And say if my pet store fails. I can still breed snakes and have a Veterinary assistant degree to fall back on. So I feel more in tune with my goals.

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