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I have a Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatus and he has never gone without food voluntarily! They can be such insatiable animals! How long have you had this lizard? If he's fairly new it could be that he's still just getting accustomed to his surroundings. EyeSpy gave some good pointers above to watch for...

I wouldn't trust the guy you got him from... 10 crickets a week? Even if that is true, that is not a lot for these guys!

Your vet only wants you to feed your lizard wax worms? They are hardly nutritional... like a human eating only lettuce! For the first few days this is a good idea, then I'd introduce mealworms, and maybe supers. To make the animals more managable, put them in the freezer for about 2 minutes... they won't wiggle as much when assist-feeding your lizard. I have written assist-feeding instructions on the thread listed below.

For baby foods, syringe-feeding chicken baby food mixed with rep-cal and a multivitamin should get him going. If Meg was here, she'd recommend Enteral Insectivore... a product I used myself...

Good to hear that he's gone to the vet... hope he improves!

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