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To me, banning the ownership of something is alot different than banning jokes. Should we ban all jokes someone might find distasteful whether it is based on hair color, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, occupation, political views, financial situation, make of vehicle you own, area you live in, etc.? Many blonde jokes I have heard could be easily altered to target other groups by replacing the word blonde with another hair color, gender, or a person's heritage. Humor has and always will be controversial - what some people find humorous, others find offensive, it depends on your point of view. IMO, society is becoming far too letigious (sp?). If you could sue over jokes based on hair color, it wouldn't be long before you could sue over jokes about all the above mentioned things. That scares me. There are people out there that want to make a quick buck and could pretend to be offended by just about any joke.

A ban on reptiles is more than something verbal. It is taking away something you already own or preventing you from owning something you wish to own. Some reptile owners see their herps as pets and have an emotional bond with them. For other's it's a way of earning money promoting something they enjoy. My point is, is that in real life your feelings are going to be hurt, and you will be insulted and offended many times before you die. The world can't go around walking on egg shells or being afraid to say anything lest someone finds it offensive and sues them.
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