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Burm Chasing Me

Today I went to feed my burm a f/t rat. I put the bucket the rat was in on a table in the room my snakes home is in. I lifted the lid off the rubbermaid bin he lives in, reached to get the rat and in a matter of seconds he was slithering out of the bin after me. I reached for a wood and screen frame that I use to adjust the temp and put it infront of him so he could not bite me (he was not striking). I eventually got him back in his home and fed the ungrateful S.O.B LOL! He is only 4 feet but I dont want this to happen again, I feed him 1 small adult rat every 4 days. I want to feed him medium rats but they are to thick for him, should I give him 2 small rats every 4 days? He ate 2 the day of the blackout because thats all I had left and they defrosted so I didnt want to through them away.
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