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I think the program I've put out is good for beginners and advanced trainers. It all comes down to what will actually burn you out and overtrain? If you put 100% to a bodypart per session/day and keep your training time to an hour or less, you won't overtrain. You can only overtrain if you workout for too long and/or your NUTRITION is lacking. See you trian each body part per day and by the time you train it again, it would have a weeks of recuperation. The key is to train with enough intensity so it needs a week to recuperate and get stronger. As for the 1.5 grams of protein per bodyweight, I believe in low carb diet and the extra protein is for back up just incase you body needs it. I only consume large amounts of carbs in the morning, after my cardio and mid day after my traing session. This way, you can stay lean and still build strength and muscle. Also Protien is the major building block, you must take into consideration that your body uses up proteins for your hair, bones, skin, teeth and pratically every organ in your body daily! Before it is used for muscle building. Your body doesn't really care if you get built, it only cares about recovering what is needed daily to survive. So by the time it has used the protein for it's daily rebuliding of body tissues, what would be left over? That is why I am a firm believer of extra protein. If you want to build muscle, would you risk not having enough protien( the building block) or having extra. Also when you take in protien, you burn alot more calories while digesting it(Lose weight and get cut while you are eating!)
As for the old myth of 30 grams only digestable per meal, I used to believe that that was true. Until I realized that, how could a guy that say weights 120lbs and say a football player that weights 300lbs digest the only the same amount per meal? Then why would the bigger guy need more food or he will be straving!! Cause the bigger you are the more protien you need to maintain or increase your size. I think how many grams you could digest is related and porportioned to the size of the person. But there must be limitations, probably 30 is minimum and 60 would be the MAX.
Well that's my oppinion on why extra protien is essential, but if another way works that's great also. Just wanted to explain more The next topic should be essential fatty acids! the REAL most important element.
Great topic and thread guys!
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