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Ok, I just got back from the vet. He said that he is dehydrated and getting way too thin. Well, duh, he's not eating and I'm sure that he's not drinking either! He checked his mouth, and let me tell you he put up quite a fight (a good sign I'm sure). Said the inside of the mouth was pale, and not pink as it should be. But he did not say anything about any visible infection.

The vet said he's pretty much just terrified. He injected him with some fluid and gave me some calcium and vit B drops to give him orally daily (the bottle says 'val drops'?).

He instructed me to force feed him waxworms every other day and give him the drops daily until next week and see if we can produce some fecals by then. Said at that point we will worry about parasites. Oh and also to mist him for now until he drinks and eats regularly.

He asked me if I had talked to the guy who sold it to me about his apetite, and I said that I did not want to call him because everything that he says is a lie, but that he had said he was eating 10 crickets a week (I don't believe that). The vet says that he is most likely almost an adult, and not a few months old, and he's not sure if he's WC. We'll probably know more after some fecals.

After the vet gave him the drops though, he seemed much more, let's say, 'personable' (or maybe just more interactive). Maybe it was just because we had totally crossed the line with his personal space and decided, WTF. I'm glad he's gonna get his vitamins, and I'm also glad to get the go-ahead to get some food in his belly, even if it is forced. I just hope he doesnt become more reclusive. Hopefully if his health improves, so will his personality.

Does this sound like good advice?
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