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Well to me honestly think about it at one point and time ALL snakes where wild until someone decided hey i,d like that as a pet and poof it begins.
Well unless you where there to see the parents of those wild babys mate then you really dont know for sure just what you have and over the long haul no one does.
Now sure joebob has a surinam and this is a STANDARD to what you call a surinam nothing more. it very well may have a bit of guyanese in it but if it looks to be what the STANDARD surinam looks like then thats what we call it . In MHO they could all be mixed up .
All i know for sure is i dont knowingly buy the mixed breed snakes , i dont breed them iether.
Sure it sounds messed up but if you think about it maybe is was ment to be ?????
Just my 1 cent worth
Have a good one
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