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Hi guys..sorry for the confusion. I have a whole list of rules coming out that will be defined. As for mentioning other rooms, i dont have a problem with it unless its to as Jeff stated spam to get members to join. When im not there...the ops interpret the rules that i have set fourth. We had a bit of a dicussion for some new rules that i have been playing around with. Currently, the anti swearing thing is one that i have been trying out. Im running a simple bot that monitors swearing. There is still the nine pm rules...but obviously i forgot to turn the bot off. My apologies for that. I dont have him set up to shut off at a certain time currently..but again thats another thing im working on.

As for rules, they are still in the works. The reason i have not posted any currently is because Jeff and I have a major announcement in the works that should be coming in a week or two if he gets it all done. I can tell you this however. The chat expansion will actually include three rooms, a general that will be anything goes, a herp one...and a surprise that Jeff and I have been working on all summer.

There is big things coming in the next couple weeks. I think everyone will love the new channels, i think the new program Jeff has written for the new rooms will blow your mind for those that enter through the site. As for the next couple weeks im very sorry for all the confusion, but i ask that you be patient. For those of you that are having trouble getting on...once Jeff opens the new server those problems will be a thing of the past.

As for the ops in the chat...i think they are doing a great job in this upside down time. I ask that you give them a break, its my fault that i have overloaded them with all sorts of new do's and donts that they try to interpret. They might not always get it right..but their efforts are fantastic and i stand by their decissions. Thanks for reading...Marisa, please msn me if you have any further questions. Or anyone else that has problems, complaints, access problems, or suggestions, feel free to email me at : I will try to get back as fast as possible, and i will read everything that comes my way. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks again, Shane.
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