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Blonde jokes illegal in Bosnia

Hmm... what about redhead jokes?

What do you get when you mix a redhead, a battery and potato chips?

A redhead who's Eveready and Frito-Lay.

Blonde jokes to be made illegal in Bosnia

Blonde jokes are set to be made illegal in Bosnia under new laws that will enable women to sue people who make jokes about their hair colour. The gender equality law, due to come into effect within the next two months, will make it an offence to tell jokes about women based on their hair colour.

Savima Terzic, director of the International Group for Human Rights, told Bosnian daily newspaper Nezavisne Novine: “The new law on gender equality would enable blonde women to sue anyone who tells jokes that offend them, even if those jokes were just based on the colour of their hair.” Blonde jokes are said to be massively popular in Bosnia.

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