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Ok, this is scary if it is true!

Too close to home! I got this email today and wondered if it were actually true? Just in case I thought I would share it with you all.

Holly's Law

Monday May 12, one day after mother's day, ten year old Holly Jones said
goodbye to her mother for the last time. Her tiny body washed ashore on
Toronto's Wards Island less than 24 hours later sexually assaulted,
dismembered and entombed in several black duffle bags.

Two Hundred and forty three convicted child molesters live within 3 km
of Holly's west end Toronto neighbourhood. Under the current law, a
convicted child molester can be released into the community after
serving relatively light sentences. The molester's rights to freedom and
privacy is protected by law while members of the community in which they
live are not entitled to notification of their presence in their
neighbourhood. Convicted child molesters are allowed to interact freely
with our children even when there is a known and real threat for them to
reoffend. Holly's law will clarify the definition of a child molester,
make it a federal offence, and incarcerate any convicted child molester
for life in a specifically designated federal treatment facility or
until he has convinced a dooly appointed panel that he is no longer a
threat to children.

It is a known fact that most child molesters were themselves victims of
abuse as children. It is the intention of Holly's law to rehabilitate
offenders when possible, but give priority to the safety of our children
by keeping offenders a safe distance away until they are no longer a
threat. We know this will curb the cyclical corruption of the most
innocent members of our society.

Currently, provincial courts prosecute these cases, creating difficulty
for law enforcement officials to keep track of their movements from
province to province upon release. By making the crime a federal
offence, one nation wide body will be responsible for all cases in
Canada, making it much easier for law enforcement officials to track
those who are released if and when we attempt to reintegrate them into
our society.

Please support Holly's Law by signing the petition below and help bring
some meaning to the senseless and preventable tragic murder of Holly
Jones. Perhaps the life you save will be that of your own daughter or

Click on the website to sign the petition:

Gayle L. Clarke
Adjointe administrative
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