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Reptile Law in Great Britain?!?

Hi all, i used to live in south africa where it was legal to feed live mice/rats to reptiles. A year has past since i moved to england, i went to buy a small pinkie for my beardie, but they refused me!!! they only sold frozen ones! This is surely a problem for snakes and such in this country because we tried feeding defrosted frozen pinkies to our snakes in S.A. and they wouldnt take them, they only ate live ones, which makes sense because they were moving! i tried feeding my beardie the defrosted frozen pinkies but they refused, i do not own the beardies anymore, which i sadly had to sell as i didnt have the money to keep them in this country since everything is too expensive for a teenager. I do plan on getting a reptile in the future but i am concerned about the laws of these creatures!!! What are the laws in this country concerning reptiles? anyon know?
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