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Piebald Guy,
What the hell does any of that have to do with anything? You stated that I don't have 1250 watts in my stereo. I have shown that I do. You asked for proof, I have shown it to you. I never claimed that I have a competition system or anything like that (go back and read it, I simply stated what I had).

So, once agian, you are just comming off as a jack *** (who apparently has to constantly remind himself that he is so smart...why is that, anyways?) I couldn't care less about what you do for a living.

I bought my system from Steve Cook, the owner of Audio X. He has been written up in all the major audio magazines. He has won several different championships (something called DB Drag is one thing he competes in). He is a professional, so I think I will trust what he has to say about stereo equipment. I bought a basic system, nothing elaborate, but pretty respectable (especially for a minivan!) I am obviously not "into" audio, never claimed to be (contrary to what you are implying), I just stated what I have in my van.

You attacked me for saying I have 1250 watts. You said "prove it". I did. So, instead you try to attack the quality of my equipment and my intellect. Gee, what a class act you are. (by the way, do you have an inferiority complex? You spend an awful lot of time tooting your own horn, do you realize that?)

By the way, if you want respect, you have to give it! You attacked me in a very disrepectful way with your first post about me. You get what you recieve with me. If you want some respect, quit acting like a jackass and maybe you will get some. Until then, grow up.
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