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Pics from the India trip (lots here!)

Here are some of the pics that we took on our trip to the Crocodile Bank in India. It was a lot of fun and very rewarding experience working with the animals and people in this place.

Hope you guys enjoy them:

Albino Specticled Cobra

Albino Krait

Cheetah at Singapore Zoo

Spectacled Cobra

Feeding Demo

Gharial Underwater

Gharial Baby


Catching gharials

Irula Snake Co-operative

Milking Kraits

Jaws III (16ft Saltwater Croc)

King Cobra

Mugger Pit

Check out the eyeshine in the mugger pit

Nile Crocodile hatchlings


Hanging out with Rom Whittaker

Russels Viper

Water Monitor

Silly Plonka

Singapore Zoo

Snake Catching in India

Sand Boa

Saw Scaled Viper

Water Buffalo

More pics in the gallery:
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