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See, everyone has their own take on a routine. basically, you once you start on a beginner routine (important to get a solid base), then you can customize it to fit your needs. The workout drink described above is good, however, Creatine is not a good thing in EVERYBODY. Sure, it will produce results, but there are side effects in SOME body types. Everything else stated was correct, HOWEVER, Kahane, your regiment is based on your routine that is probably not a beginner's routine. THis gentleman wants to START training. So, he's gotta go simple in my opinion. ie. 6 days is an overload. a 4-day split to get a base is much better imho. you do have a pretty good routine though. I may steal that! haha... and interesting drink and nutrition comments. They are very true. What breakfast foods do you eat that are low carb? I find it difficult to find any, other than eggs. Cheers all, and great posts!
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