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Good post KaHane

And congrats on your hard work. I've seen you we've never spoken. I agree with you 100% on all your info. I would like to add a little from my "years" back in 1993-1994. I found your workout schedule perfect when "on". Promotes huge mustle and a bit of strength gain. When I hit the upper-intermediate stage of training that's what I used.

In the beginning I used a two on one off routine over 6 days

Day1- Chest and Bi's (three exercises (sp) chest (30min max), three bi's (20min max)

Day2- Back and Tri's (agian three exercises, these are reverse pyramids working up to max then reping back down)

Day3- Rest

Day4- Delts and Traps (Hard, heavy and 50 mins max)

Day5- Legs (squats, squats, squats, and hams, 30min max, its all u need if you giver)

Day6- Rest

Day7- Start back with Day1

Times are right on the money. As you know the more inactive you are (ie: don't expend piles of exertion and energy at work) and shock the body hard, then offer it exactly what you said FOOD. You will grow well. As you grow accustomed to your workout, change the routine but I find that required every 8-10 months min. Gained 30lbs in 30days, promtly lost it all. Good 'ol test. Kept the strength though.

I find the big difference in training is that if you are "on" train to grow and gain strength in all mustle groups. If you are not (almost everyone) focus on a single mustle group at a time. Put the extra effort in that mustle and cut back just a little on the others. Rotate the focused mustle group every 2-3 months. The body has only so much recouperablility. I learnt and will allways train like a bodybuilder, heavyish, pumping, taxing. The body clean CANNOT build all groups at the same time. Get hooked on training that way and you give up the gym and training. Sad but true.

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