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Baaa haa haa haa. Got my answer "Class D" otherwise known as magnetic feild. AKA (just in case you don't understand the abreviation means "also known as") Bob Carver design from the '80's. Anything new? Baaa haa haa no. Amagine, I spit this out off the top of my head. I know nothing? Your a fool, I have worked with two major audio componet manufacturers in the past (late '80's when I was about your age). I have forgotten far more than you will ever know about audio reproduction and ALL its attributes. Jason, give me just one postive advantage of running magnetic feild AND (this is the important part which shows you understand the BASICS of audio reproduction) one resulting negative effect with respect to a "Class A" or "Class AB" design. (hint, pls do not embarase yourself if you use class A operation with respect to car audio).


BTW I am a mechanical engineer, and a pretty darn sharp one. A battle of wits with me is you fighting with a handicap. Stick to the facts and you will recieve equal respect and treatment. I am extremely approchable and will answer any questions. (just like I do at seminars about audio reproduction design, yes I have given lectures on the topic)
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