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c'mon jeff thats weak, drywalling is easy compared to cement mixing, but that might just be my height being nice to me there i've done both for short times and i'd say drywalling is a lot easier plus cement stuff is much heavier and its even put a lot of bulk on me latley
I agree Cement mixing is tough, but there is a huge differance between Drywalling here and out in Calgary etc.... We do a house in 1.5 days where out where you are it usual runs a week plus, or at least the trades I have seen come from the east or west except for BC all tell me the same thing, they cant beleive how fast you have to actually work in Ontario... 10'000 square foot drywall (3200sq foot house) must be done in 1.5 - 2 days or dont even bother looking for work. Just last week 5 guys from new brunswick came out here that are friends of a carpenter crew here, the boss told them 1.5 days to finish the house and they packed there tools back into the van and went home... Seriously :P
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