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That reminds me of our boa and our late dog lexx... katey had feather out and being along snake can have one end over your shoulder and still have her head some where else (like your knee). Katey was standing outside talking to her mom and Lexx was roaming around doing dog things. Now Lexx likes to lick things (you should have seen him foam when he licked a toad) and he saw this "thing" (feather's head) hanging around near katey's knee so he starts going to lick feathers head. well lexx's mouth wasn't small by any means, feather sees this big doggy head with big teeth heading for her and she's having nothing of it. Quick as a flash she tags lexx briefly and then retreats up to safe distance, lexx only needed to be "told" once, he never tried licking a snake again. the really funny thing is that kates mom wanted us to bring lexx to the vet cause feather (a boa constrictor) might be "poisonous".
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