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because i got the vines when i thought she was going to die. She went to the doctors for falling down the stairs and fracturing her arm. They found out she was diabetic and had to have surgery to fix her arm. during surgery she went into a coma. The doctors kept telling the family she would most likely come through. So that divided the family some of them wanted to let her go since she wasn't breathing on her own and some of them wanted to give her until the new year to try to pull out of it. Long story short she is one of my favorite grandmas that i spent ALOT of time with growing up and it was very hard to deal with something like that. So I got the vines for her and decided that i will only finish it when she passes away. She ended up pulling through (thank god) and the first thing i did was show her my tat. and told her it was for her. She loved it.

All my tats have a meaning behind them and this one is very special to me. Evey time i look at it i think of her. So in a way i never want to finish this tat. But one day i know i will.
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