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Originally posted by stretch
I was about to snap on snip3r for all them comments about my car but then I looked at his age and found out he's just a little rugrat. And really doesn't know crap. You have your mommy and daddy buy everything you don't know what its like putting 1000's of dollars into a car. So take your camaro that mom and dad bought for you and stick it where the sun don't shine. Punk.
The car was given to me by my uncle..w.ithout an engine...the car had a supercharged 454 in it pervious, my uncle now set that engine into a vega, and gave me the Camaro body. The engine we placed in the camaro was a 350 which we were building for a project we're restoring. But on the 67 impala convert we deceided to keep in the L30 327. And yes, every dime put into the camaro was mine...When my grandfather died in 95 I got 8 grand as did my other brother. Ive broke into that to pay for my dont talk **** unless you know what you're talking about.
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