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i agree with some things that you say ... but the fact that i really dont like is showing this picture saying this is what happen when you feed live prey which is a complete exageration of what can happen . I keep arguing the god damn media when they exagerate everything about reptile like the story of the 4f ball python that scared 2 cats that was recently posted somewhere on . They were saying that the ball would have eaten both of the adult cats bla bla bla wich is completely crazy . so please dont go down to their level just tell the thruth ... I have heard stories about people letting their snakes pets die because they didnt wanna eat f/t or even fresh killed because they were too scared to feed live prey . I have developped i pretty good technique with my gf to switch live to freshly killed and then f/t and it is working very well with all my snakes that doesnt eat f/t .

I present live prey to snakes head first from the top snakes always get the head first once they are used to that i start trying with freshly killed then f/t it always works ... i dont go force feeding a snake or stuff like that

So all im saying is that there is a way to say thing and tell the thruth about stuff

Leaving a snake with a live prey unsupervised in a closed container is very dangerous ... giving a live prey item even with supervision can be dangerous for the snake as it could get bit if it misses his target ... giving a rodent by the tail while holding it in midair is most likely NOT to cause anything if you do it carefully
( i never had one single bite from that technique on me or on the snake ) and I would also like to add " not feeding a snake for a long period (depending on species and size) will cause serious health problem and will kill your reptile".

Everyone do things differently and im really sure your reptiles arent healtier then mine or anyone else that takes good care of them ( im not saying they are less :P )
Life is like a grapefruit , wayyyyy better with sugar !!!

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