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1250 watts? Doubt it. Look at my post on pg2 I ran 1100 watts and I garentte you don't have the minimum requirements for 1250 watts. I list exotic gear yet others beat it using 4 gage power cables. If you have four kids you are an adult. No excuse for ignorance. Make a claim back it up. The information is readily available. Please reserch your topics. EIA specs are simple to interperet once you know what you are looking for. Ask ANY question and I would be happy to answer it for you honestly. It is an alternate technique to learning... asking questions, self-discovery, decemination, interpretation,etc. All good points to use in life once you have reached the age of clairty. It aviods problems. For example, if I made outragous claims at work, claiming to improve this, cost costs that and produced nothing, well I would be fired. If I made these claims under my business I would be sued for tens upon tens of thousands of dollars personally via tort law. If you don't learn.... just wait what life has instore for you!!

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