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I always had a curiosity for them when i was younger, but my family didn't like them. I remember going to the country to catch blue racers with my brother, but my mom or dad didn't like them so i never got to keep any thing i caught. Then later in life i met a guy that had bearded dragons before we started dating ( they ended up dying before i met him). After almost a year of us being together i bought him 2 leo's and the fasination went from there. Now it's hard not to go to an expo and bring home a bunch of new herps.

Now my mom wants a bearded dragon(she fell in love with mine). She will even hold my corn snakes. so anyday now when my beardies hatch we are going to go out and buy everything she needs for her first reptile at 50 years old(never to late to start a new hobby). I also got her her first tattoo at 46. I'm a bad influence LOL.
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