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I am into all critters equally. My house is a farm-zoo ! I grew up in the country & have just returned to it once again. As a child; myself & the few others close enough to get together; spent all our days in the fields, forests, ponds & rivers that surronded us. We gathered everything we could find from bugs to frogs to squirrels, birds & right on up. (sometimes even the neighbors cows!!). We gathered plants, too, including mushrooms & toadstools. We put everything back after someone was able to help us find out about. (I suspect sometimes the grown-ups made up stories when they didn't know !!). This curiousity stuck with us all & grew to a love of nature. To this day we get together on rare occasions & have the most fun comparing pets & plants !! That is how I got started.......
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia
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