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Here is a pic of the results of live-feeding (note: this pic is rather appaling so please do not scroll down if you are sensitive to these issues)
god damn .... that freacking picture i see it everywhere .... is that all you can think of .... this is not because of live feeding this is because of a dumbass who left a freacking rat alone with a snake for what ??? 3 days come on ... the problem aint live feeding its irresponsible live feeding .... thats the only argument everyone have about live feeding Yes i do feed live prey to some of my snakes and I aint dumb enough to leave a rat unwatched with one of my snake actually i hold live prey while i give it to my snake ... everyone tells me one day you will get bit ... YEAH SO ???? snakes do bite ... if your too afraid to get bit dont own a snake .... its a savage predator not a golden puppy ...

sry im just so f***n tired of seing that ugly picture . why dont you put a picture of a child with a destroyed face and say : DONT BUY DOGS
Life is like a grapefruit , wayyyyy better with sugar !!!

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