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If you are going to start bodybuilding I highly recommend you pick up the "Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding" written by Arnold Schwartzenegger (I think he has already proven he knows what he is talking about )

It is a large book but he goes into great detail on how to properly exercise each body part to get the most out of your workouts. Its also a great book for motivation. Every time I finish a chapter I want to run out and start lifting anything I can find LOL

As for the supplements... my own personal opinion is that if you ingest it in a normal meal then its ok to supplement. Creatine is found in all red meat... 2 tablespoons of the stuff is about what you would get by eating 1kg of red meat. I was skeptical about the stuf to say the least... but I did notice a marked improvement in my workouts after I tried it for a month. The main reason I use it now is for the way it inhibits lactic acid in your muscles. This reduces the burning feeling in your muscles and also the soreness you get a couple of days after a big workout. It also helps speed up muscle recovery and makes your muscles take in water so they look bigger. This is a supplement that has been around for a long time now and there havent been many bad side effects that I have read about so I feel its safe to use.

Protein powders are ok... egg whites and tuna are a lot cheaper though. Where I find protein powders useful is mixing shakes or making smoothies. Apart from that I have a hard time getting the stuff down my throat.
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