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Talking Woohoo!!! I Dit It!

This will sound absolutely ridiculous to the majority of you but I've made a huge step tonight in overcoming my phobia and I'm unbelievably proud of myself! I just had to tell someone! lol

Since my early teens, I have had an insane and intense phobia of grasshoppers and crickets. I have at home snakes, lizards, tarantulas and rats all of which I love dearly and scare most people. But one of the things I am most deathly phobic about are the darned crickets!!!

Throw some moderate to severe generalized anxiety disorder and mixing me with crickets was a mess!!! You want to see a grown woman have a histerical fit and cry like a two year old? Throw a cricket my way and you'll get that very quickly!!! LOL

Anyways, I recently acquired 2 beautiful new tarantulas (thanks Rob ) and one is still a youngster, therefore I have pretty much no choice but to feed it crickets. In the past when I've fed crickets to my tarantulas, I got their meal portion in separate bags and as soon as I got home, snipped a corner and dumped them into the tanks with the T's.

That alone took me over a year to do myself! I had my bf or friends do it for me before or fed pinky mice since my first two T's were pretty much full grown when I got them. Since I got my new T's, I figured I really had to work on getting rid of my phobia. My first "lesson" was when I went to the reptile shop to get feeders, I asked them if I could "play" in the tanks to get over my fear. The workers thought it was hilarious and of course I had to be brave in front of them!!! Didn't touch any but stuck my hand in a tank with hundreds and shook around the egg carton pieces.

I took home a couple of dozen that day and set them up in a critter keeper. My bf has been in charge of fishing out the crickets for me and throwing them in the T's tanks but tonight I felt especially daring.

I actually went in the container, got a cricket and fed it to my T!!!!!

This is SO huge for me, I still can't believe I dit it!!! 45 minutes later my heart is still pounding some!


Silly Pixie!
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