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Long story for me, actually. When I was 2 years old I had caught this little lizard (most likely a fence lizard or skink) and accidentally pulled its tail off. I felt really bad and couldn't believe I did such a thing, since I was really young and didn't know something like that was supposed to happen (I was really sensitive and loved animals so much, just like now), so I wrapped a bandaid around the lizard's tail. I actually brought it to one of my brother's ball games, and all the people thought it was really cute that a little girl would do something like that lol. Ever since then I have fallen in love with herps of all sorts. I caught frogs, lizards, bugs even (now I know that has nothing to do with reptiles, but still... I loved anything that crawled).

Then when I was about 9 I think, I found a pregnant earth snake in my great-aunt's yard when we were visiting and fell totally and completely in love with snakes. I was thrilled about my first snake! And it actually had babies. I had wondered why it had a buldge in it's stomach. Most of the babies survived, but I think a few died, maybe because they were slugs (is that possible in earth snakes because they're live bearers) or because of incorrect husbandary... I didn't know how to keep them. There was nothing I could find on them so I just did the best I could. But I let all of them go. And until this day I still find some in my back yard... crazy, isn't it? I never find anything but toads in backyard, or lol wait that's because of me too . I caught like 28 baby toads I think it was, like a few years ago and put them in my backyard. Ah well.... there's my little "getting in herps" story . Thanks for reading

EDIT: Oh yeah and btw, when I was 4 or 5 I got my first actual pet reptile... a green iguana
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