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a rant about college herps!

i feel like ranting about something... so there!

my college sucks! i do an "animal management" course.
We have this animal unit, where all of the animals are kept. At first i thought it was great! i thought we'd get hands on with the animals, learning about them, theyre anatomy, about different illnesses (which they have many of) and how to treat them. but no.... we are the sh*t shovellers, the poo scrapers, the floor cleaners!
the mammals arent too bad....
they have a small herp section..... its DEPRESSING!
on theyre list, 3 corns, 1 psychadelic toad, 2 leos, 1 water dragon, 2 bearded dragons, 1 smelly millipede, a few mantis, a blue tongued skink and some axolotls.
the fish are dieing left right and center!

one of the corns lives in a tank. they put its water bowl under the lightbulb the whole tank is covered in condesation, the walls are dripping with water, the substrate is soaked. im suprised the snake isnt dead! i move the water bowl. i even tell them that its no good! this snake its getting quite large now, it definately needs a new tank.
the other corn snakes dont get cleaned out often. there is crap thats been there for weeks possibly months. i ask almost beg to clean them out. i tell them its not nice to live in your own crap! i tell them im experienced! i think i can handle a couple of cornsnakes!
the water dragon, is depressing! they feed it food which is too large, almost three times the sized of its tiny little head! adult locusts, these are huge beefy locusts, the water dragon is quite small. somehow theyre confused as to why it doesnt eat much?! it will sit there for about an hour with a huge locust in its mouth. its enclosures pretty damn dry. i even have to tell them what sex it is!. "and how do YOU know that then rachael?" hhmm well duh! maybe ive actually done research! and i dont even own the animal!
the way they keep the axolotls is disgusting! the water is almost brown, you cant seem them cuz of the algae, they feed them wheatgerm pellets... winter food for koi it says on the jar. now ive seen axolotls at a few places around and these things are massive, fat healthy looking. our axolotls are skinny half the size they should be.
sometimes i feel like a nagging mother! but i feel the need to tell them! ive worked at a rescue ive seen how these animals turn out, ive seen what keeping them incorrectly does! how can they not listen! now matter what i do, i know i cant change it! theyre just ignorant!

it makes me sick that i the STUDENT should have to teach the teachers!! What makes me even more sick is that the teachers have a complete un-willingness to learn! they dont seem to grasp that they do not know everything! that there ARE people out there that are younger and still know more than they do. bieng older and "in carge" doesnt necissarily (sp) mean that they are wiser!

dont you just HATE it? i guess its a similar situation with the pet stores? hmph
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