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There's nothing wrong with protein powders cause all it is is pre-digested potein this type of protein feeds you muscles quicker. CREATINE and all the other nonsence say NO. I am a firm believer in BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS. Eat right and take you vitamins and thats it!!!I have competed naturaly in bodybuilding and even took home 4th out of 165 compeditors a couple years ago. I entered at 185 and only 7 pounds were fat, I had depleated my water to maybe a cap full after every meal. This is strickly the regime for show. I am 215 and pressed 375pounds in my prime and curled 80's a side, Squats were around 450-500 range and my best leg press was 1500 pounds that was my biggest achievement. I am trying to maintain what I got because the weight will get to you eventually. My fingers sometimes wouldn't close after I shruged 6 plates a side. I love bodybuiling and have since I was a kid. I have every FLEX magazine since the begining and due to the fact that I was a natural bodybuilder I could never get my pro card...The IFBB pro's do juice. Shawn Ray is my favorite bodybuilder!!. I have spent years researching and found that the thousans of dollars that are spent on supplemens not including protein powder can easily be supplemented through diet.
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