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HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA (Snake feeding comment)

So today I went to a petstore by me to see if they had frozen rats. the girl working there said they would be in the freezer if they did (which I had checked and there were none) So she asks me if im feeding a snake, and I say yes, and she says I should feed it live. And I ask why, just to hear her reasoning, and she tells me, "So they can develop their hunting instincts". I had to laugh as I told her, "But he is never going to be in the wild, why would he need to hunt?" and she didnt even answer my question. She just told me how she feeds their snakes live all the time. And I tell her how I have seen pictures of a blood python that had been killed by a mouse. And she doesnt believe me of course. I just walked away before it turned into a brawl. what a moron. I hate pet stores so much.
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