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Thx Shane

You are alot more patient typing then me. Thanks for the standup. 20,000 watts is alot of power but not required for the really, really big numbers. Coupling factor is FAR more effiecent at getting the BIG numbers. I as well competed as an amature. Actually made it to the finals in Canada ()in the 1000+ watt category in 1993. Took sixth against stinken blank cheque writers that didn't even do a lick of work (design or install) of thier gear. I won every competition in Northern Ontario with a 87 Nissan Maxima and $5000 CAD worth of gear ($5000 cost not list, list was over $11,000 CAD). All designed by me, all installed by me. A transport battery, 2 farads of capacitance (sp) and 1/0 power cable still couldn't cut it and that was only 1100 real world watts. (couldn't wind up a Japanse alternator).

NE way I own a '94 Mazda 929 Serena now. Hit 245km/hr (145+mph) just last week (for about 2 seconds before I shut it down, stinken cops). Not bad for a 10 yr old car. Nicest car I ever owned but at $57,206.37 IN 1994 you get alot of car.

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