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Hey, fair play for working out, playing rugby for Gloucester and Wales (under 21 and 19 level) training has become a big part of my daily routine and the info mike has given you is top notch, i train to something like that rotuine but due to lack of time i'll do chest then biceps in one session then back and triceps in another session, this allows you to put a big influence on certain body parts, for example if you were doing chest exercises such as incline decline and flat bench your going to be working your biceps as well then by further isolatin exercises - curls, close underarm pulll ups, you can get a really good burn!!!!! (hope that made sense lol)
Like Mike said take on the protein big time after every session, but remember your body can only take on 35g protein at any one time any excess will be p*****d out or stored as fat. For mass building in the close season i'll take 3 protein shakes a day.
My mass building programme for the closed season is 6 weeks of doin every exercise for 5 sets of 8 reps then after cut it down to 6 sets of 4 if you want to improve strength, hope any of that helped and made some sense lol good luck and train hard but remember listen to your body if it does not work for you i.e routine, diet change it to suit your needs and you will see the benefits, take care
Cheers Will
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