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Anyone work out?

Well I started working out not too long ago...I do a lot of mild upper body. I played football my freshman year (varsity quaterback..only freshman at my school to ever do that) anyways. I never had to work out with the rest of the team, they let me watch...or run miles. But now I want to increase my size and get a nice shape and toned look. Im 6'3" 184lbs...I have a pretty thin build...athletic looking (I think) but I want to bulk up some dad bought me one of those crazy *** work out gym things...and the onlything I do is bench press and standing curls...I can bench 160lbs (all the weight up there) I do 16 reps...then curling I do 50lbs 16 reps also...I haven't seen a big improvement. Dad has bought me all types of crap...creatine...whey protein...protein drinks...Im sowrried about taking them as I'd prefer to work for my body without 'helping'...

But my question is: Should I tone and cut what I have now..until Im happy...then eat like hell and work that off? Or would it be easier to juss work out a lot...and eat alot? Also any tips and hints about upper body would be nice...Thanks
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