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No need to fight over wattage. Piebald guy is correct in stating that the wattages are not accurate sometimes. Most of the times this is the difference between good mfgs and poor ones. Some mfgs do rate the outputs at different voltages. A higher voltage, although maybe not stable....will increase the amps output. This is why you will see some amps that are 20watts, beat the pants off some that state they are 1000watts. I used to compete in amateur class, and i have done tons of installs for ppl, including our own webmasters....he will vouch that i know how to install and set the stuff up. Having 20,000 watts in a civic...that is insane amount of power. Your talking several batteries, possibly several alternators to. If your cousin is doing the add up of wattage readings written on the amp....the 20,000 watts is no where near accurate. The coils alone to keep up with that amount of transiants of frequency would be the millions of millions of micro firads. But on the other is possible i guess in theory. Your cousins car at that sort of wattage would not only expand, break things such as the glass from expansion, but it would stop your heart and also probably be close to, if not the world spl record! I have included a link to show you what a car of the same size would look like with only 12,000 watts in it. As you can tell, not only did he place 3rd at Iasca, but the car is completely packed. If your cousins car looks anything like this...and has been certified with its wattage by Iasca, then you know its accurate.

In the meantime, the topic here is is my baby who is currently awaiting a restoration which i hope to get to soon. Its been sitting for five years now, pretty much in the shape you see it here. I will get to it, but being a mechanic for a living, the last thing you think about when getting home is working on

The car is a 1968 Dodge charger R/T. It is a numbers matching car. Its an original 440 big block motor. Although currently i have a done motor and trans in it (a 70 440 big block. I do have all the original stuff, engine untouched and trans etc. The motor is motified with aluminum heads, big cam, its bored ( 30 over), stroked, polished. Has Heavy roller rockers, titanium push rods. The motor in it is a six pack motor, although it only runs a single holley 1050 dominator carb. Everything has been modified engine wise. I have a dyno slip of 451 hp @509 ft lbs torgue. It is a consecutive 12 second car with a best et of 11.92 with a 300hp nos set up. Not great, but not bad for a 4000 pound car. For the resto i have lots of plans for it, possibly a fuel injection system as soon as i can figure out the ins and outs of setting it up etc. The trans is totally modified, its is a 727 torque flight case, which is about all that is left original. The channel plate, valve body, clutches and steels have all been modified. A custom shift kit etc. The rear end is a 8.75 with a detroit locker. I run 3.91 gears, which i plan on changing to make the car more friendly to drive in everyday situations. I could go on and on...but i have to run to go to Mopar fest today....look forward to seeing all the cars

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