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Above is a PRIME example of BS ratings

Look at the above photo of the Lanzar amplifier. 2000 watts? Not real world watts. BS watts created on a bench. Anyone can tighten the power supply and bais the amp. Preforms with music like garbage. I am VERY familar with Lanzar and most other manufacturers and that amp in particular (if you measure it on a bench with industry standard specs) produces around 50 watts per channel (continuous, RMS). These are real world watts as by my distiction "continuous" and "RMS". I was just on the Lanzar site and as usual for manufacturers of amplifiers with crazy claims, they do not provide any of the information I would require to qualify thier statement or decifer if thier claim is true (certain measured values, which are standard in the industry (just go to alpine and look) are not provided. In the past I have inquired to other manufacturers and they will not provide the information. I believe all companies which sell by claims will not provide the info. Enough typing for now.

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