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Originally posted by Invictus
OMFG, do I relate to this one. I'm honestly considering quitting my software testing job to work at fricken Chapters or Home Depot or something because of the micromanagement here. The worst part is, the people making decisions and barking orders at me around here are the people LEAST QUALIFIED TO BE DOING SO.

I swear, I could fricken kill them.
Usually the people making the decisions are not directly affected by them either.

Some more.

People that expect the company I work for to refund money for a purchased product even though they purchased the product from a reseller and not directly.

People that think 8am is a good time to call. (anything before 11 is uncilvilized)

Happy clickers. They click everywhere except where you tell them to. They also have the attention span of a ferret with a severe case of ADD and a suger rush.

Small minded people.

Inflexable management (often the root cause of breaking a company).

Zero Tolerance rules (we are seeing these in our schools more and more. ie, no toy guns, not even making a gun shape with your fingers and pointing it at some one, or no knives, not even a plastic butter knife. sound like it couldn't happen? it already has all over the world and it's happening more and more.)

I have more but I have to go to lunch.
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