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Well I shall be working in a pet store shortly...within the next month or so. This shop will be owned and managed by people who love reptiles. We're not going to sell fish. Just reptiles and such. Well if it matters, Im proud of people who work in these places who DO care about each and every animal in the store. Thats the way it should be...and if you ever feel like moving into the Staes, you can have the manager position here LoL.

From the business aspect of this...if a snake becomes is cheaper to freeze...I know its awful, but Ive listened to the owner and the manager of this store talk, and when an animal becomes unhealthy, it has to be terminated. It just becomes too time consuming and such to take care of animals that fall ill. I hate this and I shall do my best to keep all of the animals very healthy...

But I do agree, do not give her the satisfaction of firing you, because apprently thats what she wants.

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