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Ironically, this thread has seemed to turn into exactly what it was talking about. Also, the redundancy of mine and others' messages has grown exponentially, and yet it is still not made clear enough to penetrate the entire audience.

Katt brings up a relevant aphorism. The primary functions of these forums (i assume) are are directed toward the association, education, and dialogue of herp enthusiests. If you want to call anyone an "idiot," "democrat," or "ignorant," because they don't know as much as you, or because they merely disagree with you, then I dont know what you are doing in the forum. People new and old to the hobby come to get help, info, or comradery. If people wanted to hear egotistical murmurs, they could just go to the nearest grade school, . . . or democrat convention apparently.

I guess pro wrestling wouldnt be as entertaining without the name-calling, but I just don't think it's useful, or helpful in herp forums (eventhough it may be entertaining for some).
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