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It feels like a personal insult, doesn't it?
The thing is, 95% of pet stores carry reptiles simply because they sell. Any more effort and...well, they probably figure you're digging into the profit. And they really do not want someone who understands what is going on.

At the place I just left, that was the single worst issue. It was family owned, this store. Large and the only one in town. The owners are very shrewd people. I could see through them, I could see what their motives really were, and they KNEW it.
I've seen puppies die because they 'might be better in the morning.'
I've seen snakes sold from a tank full of animals where there was at least one death per week - and suspected Inclusion body disease!
My coworkers were mostly kids. Not trained very well, and never bothered to learn more. This is the way it is in most stores. Stuff goes on that they just don't see. We do. The managers/owners/supervisors hate that.
I would have gone public with this store I just left. However, I'm actually moving tomorrow. I never had time.

I would leave on your own terms, whatever those may be. At least don't give them the satisfaction of sacking you.
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