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Originally posted by katev17
PEOPLE: TURN OFF YOUR AIR CONDITIONERS (HEATHER) lol ..... half of Orleans keeps going on and off and of and off while the other half sits there with their power and air conditioning !!! :|
Ack! I know! My town wasn't even in the affected grid, but we were sharing our power (like we even have much of it with all couple thousand of us ) with the surrounding areas. Well they are being greedy as hell and now our power is getting shut down every so often for hours at a time Ugh! And my boyfriends boss runs the car wash and insists on keeping that open!!! People are supposed to be minimizing everything, and here he is on borrowed hydro running the wash!

Originally posted by Andy_G
Don't get me wrong, it was unexpected and it is something to moan about and it's a major niusance,
More than a nuissance if you have animals that can't tolerate the conditions and end up dying... or animals that end up puking up there food and sick from the improper, unstable conditions.....
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