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I think Youkai understands me the most here. The general jist of it was "You're gone in a week, here's your notice"...I can't take pictures of animal neglect because *I* changed all the reptile enclosures. I keep them well fed and clean. I take care of any minor problems such as shedding, humidity, etc. So honestly, I can't get them in trouble for neglect.

The other thing is. She's telling me, the only chance I have at keeping my job is if I neglect the proper care of these animals like everyone else does. Quite frankly, I am not willing to work at a store that enforces that upon its employees.

The owner will do nothing either. Although he likes me, he is the one who supports throwing all ill animals in the freezer and doesn't really give a damn. He just enjoys it when I teach him about snakes.

Tomorrow I'm going to Aaron (the fish guy) and talking to him about how I'm most likely fired and if that's the case if I can keep the sickly reptiles. My argument being that without special care, they'll die anyways, and as they are now, they'd kill them. So either way, all they're going to do is sentance these animals to death.

*sigh* But it really hurts when you think you're doing your best only to realize that you were TOO good. And it's been under 6 months, I'm on probationary period right now so yes, she can do whatever she wants. If I am forced to leave, I'm leaving on MY terms, not hers. I won't give her that satisfaction.

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