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Well I知 back on finally!!! I was at the theater going to watch S.W.A.T.....the guy about to shoot someone...then BOOM! No more power. At first we thought it was only the theater, then one of the workers come in and tell us it's the whole mall and that it may be a fire... so turns out it was a blackout! (Duh!)

We lost power at around 4:00pm or 4:15 yesterday and people in my area (Scarborough) just got it now at 10pm. It wasn't THAT bad but it was pretty annoying and super hot. It's true that we take things for granted, I値l admit I do... but I知 also used to having at least a fan to sleep and water to bathe in!. Oh well it's over (for now :S) and I知 really grateful to have my sweeeeet electricity back!

Oh and we got vouchers for missing our movie which is good so as soon as we can go see it were going to go watch it!
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